Dear Liberals, why an AR 15 ? You know you want one or two, maybe three.
Reason #:

1.  As a deterrent against enslavement by a totalitarian government (Also known as the Deep State Democrats, Democratic Socialists, Communists, Progressives and Liberals).

2. For FIREARMS EQUITY.To fight and resist a totalitarian government. To have compatible small arms as the military and Police so the military and police cannot be used easily against we the people (this is actually the purpose of the second amendment, not hunting).

3. To defend, preserve and Uphold the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

4. To defend our homes, families, friends and selves during times of crisis, civil unrest, Civil War, Military and Police Coup or criminal attack.

5. To collect as investment, pleasure or otherwise because benign objects without evil intent are fully lawful. Consider car collectors yet cars can be used for mass murder.https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2019/04/04/hart-mothers-drugged-killed-children-driving-off-cliff-jury/3372259002/

6. Hunting. Yes they are the general equivalent of a 30-30 Winchester.

7. Shooting sports.

8. Prevention and defense from foreign invasion. America is one of the only Nations in History and on the earth that is impregnable to foreign ground attack because we can mobilize millions (about 70 million) of well equipped citizen women and men militia at a minutes notice. Think Israel only better. Now you know why foreign governments (and internal traitors) such as China are actively engaged in eliminating the 2nd Amendment. 

9. Rape prevention and female empowerment and equality because biology gave women unequal muscle mass. A gun levels this power dynamic.

10. For minority citizen populations to be able to resist and survive against the targeting of African Americans, Asians, Hispanics, Caucasians, LGBTQ, the disabled and others from Genocide. Remember Rwanda ? Ever hear of Hitlers euthanasia program ?

11. To defend against a TREASONOUS COUP against the duly Elected President of we the people. To defend against a treasonous coup attacking the integrity and lawful function of the United States Supreme Court. To citizens arrest members of Congress who are committing treasonous acts (no doubt why many members of Congress want gun confiscation).

12. To Remove a Duly Elected President who is either insane or wishes to be President for life and refuses to leave.

13. Because I love guns. The same reason I love the power, beauty and support of a beautiful woman.

I don’t need an AR 15 rifle. I am comfortable with it because I carried one in the U.S. Army Infantry fully loaded for two years (age 17-18). 
I can use a rock, golf club, 2 by 4, bottle, baseball bat, guitar string, knife, machete and other objects to take guns from the police and military to put up a resistance but I don’t like the odds of those weapons. It’s the same reason I cheat at cards, I don’t like the odds when I don’t cheat. 
My belief is that guns are a deterrent to people who love power over others, whether it is the power of rape or of enslavement. I simply know that equitable weaponry and triggernomics level the uneven playing field of life against power hungry Oligarchs and I am enslaved enough now but don’t want the full enslavement Monty. 

Signed. Your Enemy,

David Edward Martin, Chico, California


Second Declaration of Independence
As enacted by the free will of the people of the United States of America, 4 July 2018 .

We are the people of free will of the United States of America, the inheritors of an ancient but brilliant experiment in self rule by the people, casting out the inherited rule of obscene monarchy. 

We  now find ourselves at a crossroads in this great experiment. 
Now, the once revered experiment of rule, by the people, for the people, of the people has fallen under control of the new monarchy  which uses money, media and our own elected representatives to subvert the rule and will of the common people. 

This new One Percent Monarchy and their paid for Government Lackeys have committed a treason on the people who are the rightful rulers of their own destiny and of our blessed land of America. 

Not only has this One Percent Monarchy stolen the power and authority from the rightful rulers of a true and fair Democracy through the purchase of unethical greedy, pathological Bureaucrats and Politicians, they have also enslaved the people and robbed them  of a once idyllic quality of free life.

 Now the people are allowed only to be slaves to their Masters in their own Nation and make the One Percent Monarchy even more obscenely wealthy. 
How much wealth does one modern monarch need to live a happy life ?This putrefied obsession for more and more money beyond necessity only proves beyond a reasonable doubt that their true motives lie not in a comfortable quality of life but in the degenerate,depraved and debauched desire to own the people as slaves and drain them of their free spirit just as all parasites in the biological universe consume their host. 
The blame, however, lies not with the putrefaction of society caused by the One Percent Monarchy but with the people themselves for allowing this manipulation, this theft of quality of life, this corruption of being, this loss of self rule, this enslavement. 

We the People now lie at a breaking point in human existence with our abusive and vile Kings and Queens, reform or revolution, civil rule or civil war, self rule or slaughter, by the people or by the blood. Now the dam shall soon burst letting loose a tsunami of purification, correction and cleansing that shall in retrospect, make the French revolution appear as a gentile dinner party.

We the People have been robbed of our inalienable right to self determination, fair and just quality of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

We hereby now state very clearly that we shall take back our nation from the usurpers. 
To the Men and Women who have enriched themselves unnecessarily on the backs and toil of the people we now give you fair warning: surrender your evil desire for ultimate power over others. How many millions can you spend in a lifetime? Do you require more food, more water, more air and more money than the common  people do to exist or live in peace and happiness? 

Surrender your stranglehold on our once free nation or forfeit all that you have and desire.
The solutions are simple ones and only require the common sense fairness of governing rules to prevent the usurpation of power away from the people.

This we demand as our 21st century amendment to our bill of rights:

1. Term limits for all political offices within the borders of the United States. In a nation of 325 million people there are always enough people to serve the nation. We need not create career politicians who are there merely to enrich themselves with money and bath in bloody power over those they are sworn to represent. Many citizens would be proud to serve a term of public office for a small salary. One term would end the passing of laws to enrich politicians and betray the people of this nation for personal gain. 

2. Elimination of lobbying. Laws requested of Congress and State and Local Government would be submitted on a single page form with a single purpose. No longer could politicians hide anything not intended for the stated purpose of the legislation.All legislation would be posted to the public when submitted. No longer could a single piece of legislation be 2000 pages of unintelligible legal ease gibberish designed to benefit a corporation or special interest.

3. Elimination of all Taxation, Fees, Penalties, Revenues and other Government enslavement scheme, without the approval by three fourths vote of the people.

4. Public funding of political candidates. Term limits would eliminate the need for campaign finance, however, all political campaigns will be equally publicly funded and candidates given equal air time on the airwaves owned by the people.

5. All salary’s for government jobs will be a representation of percentage of the minimum wage of the common workers. This percentage will be voted on and approved by the people. No longer will Government Bureaucrats and Politicians be able to manipulate their salaries beyond what they are owed for their service and not what we owe them because of their power of office.

6. Termination of all political appointments. No longer will one faction be able to flood the market with their lackeys. If appointments cannot be done through standard civil service selection then it would be left up to the voters or a neutral committee. 

7. Elimination of media consolidation. No longer would a single person or entity be allowed to control the  information given to the public. 

8. Strengthened anti-trust laws. No longer would one company be allowed to control any industry in the Nation.

9. Civil service promotions based on a points system similar to the U.S. Army. Points are awarded for the examinations but also for time in service, education and other factors. No longer would civil service administrators be able to promote boot licking lackeys and thereby destroy the fabric of leadership in Government. The employee with the most points receives the promotion. 

10. Deficit budget‘s would be allowed only in time of War.

11. Government spending and Government size restricted to the size of GDP (gross domestic product).

12. The Military size determined by the GDP with the exception at time of significant war. No longer would our country have a military so large it needs to justify its existence through endless small wars which bankrupt the Nation. 

13. Termination of profiteering off of the backs of the people (Also formerly known as the Government). All Government contracts would pay cost plus ten percent or whatever percentage is decided by vote of the people. Ten percent is a very desirable profit margin and contractors would seek out these contracts. Cost plus ten percent as used in the second world war eliminates the hiring of former procurement officers to unjustifiably enrich the already uber rich. 

These 13 Rights of the People would, like the first 13 colonies, provide a foundation for a better quality of life, true liberty, true freedom, true justice, true equity and the pursuit of happiness which all people both deserve and desire.


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